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Tim Victim Pangburn Goes to Work Just Like Everybody Else

Every once in awhile a person finds themselves getting tattooed at a convention by a person who's prolific portfolio is bookmarked with drool stains on their home computer.I feel so fortunate for the universe placing me in this position, and was able to get in for an epic throat tattoo from Tim Pangburn. But that is another article on this blog-haha. This one's the straight dope from the crazy guy, Tim Shares a little more about himself for people who wanna know.
I had an opportunity to meet Tim at a convention in Chicago (Freedom Expo '10), and made it a point to see his private studio in Philly.The night before my appointment in Chicago,  we got to chill and talk about bacon and his family (plus one, Suzi AMP, and 3 rugrats)-- you know,  find out that on top of his amazing portfolio and professional notoriety, this man is one smoooooooth pimp.
Then on a recent trip to Philly I had to visit Art Machine (er, and Tony Lukes) for myself.  The place is just incredible.  The gallery is a mixture of medium and genre, truly a think tank for creative growth.  They were exhibiting a colorful mixture of intense realism, gritty spray paint on canvas, photography, big-ass wood carved buddah, tree knots, sculpture, and hand bound books. Tim explained that Suzi, his partner with Art Machine, changes up the gallry about once a month.  It is truly a must visit for the head and heart.
Tim's studio sits overlooking the spacious  gallery.  Gi-normous old school glass windows and open  wood floors give the entire setting a feeling of the meaning, "room to breath".  The dear-head, and fine collection of Tim's personality (love the hidden porn mixed media) that adorn the walls in this classic workingman's factory big type-space has just the right blend of chuckle and intensity.
Tim's three coil machines, and Eternal Ink collection seem larger than life in this magical setting, though they are tiny in the grand scheme of things, and out of the way.
It reminds me of a conversation I overheard in Chicago where Tim told my partner "Suzi (his wife) keeps me grounded, she doesn't let my ego get out of control. She's like 'you tattoo, good for you. You go to work like everybody else'."
Tim Pangburn is just this guy, this guy with an amazing flow to his line work and heavy-petting mentality toward his color blends. What can one say?  Getting tattooed by him is like an invitation to play and be in the moment and be a part in something bigger.  With every smooth pull, and dedicated effort the person getting tattooed gets years of experience and precise trust and relationship with his machinery, and an overall awe-inspiring permanent memento of the occasion.  He is loyal to his machines, a pair of Micky Sharpz and a Next Gen coil machines, when asked about going to swash drives he simply asks "If it's not broke, don't fix it."  His light-hearted pallet is exclusively Eternal, and his colors don't fade, nor does his joviality.  In every aspect of the word, Tim Pangburn is solid, solid, solid--every single time he is down-to-earth and true to himself.
Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of Tim's humor and style.  He say's he "likes to tattoo stuff he has to turn his head away from to chuckle."  And the recipient in return, laughs too.
Enough gushing about this Philly sweetheart: As soon as you get a chance, check out his port, and email him about your next new-school, traditional or Japanese tattoo.

What’s up with your work--where’s your style heading?
I'm jumping around a lot. I've settled into my new school work, which I immensely enjoy, but I've been getting into a lot of other stuff. Large scale Japanese themed work. I'm actually going to start really studying the symbolism because I know I have to be messing it up. I've also been getting into traditional lately. That stuff is way harder than it looks! Especially since I learned in the late 90's, which was new school era.

Your favorite kind of project?
Fun ones. I've done a lot of full sleeves in the past year or so. I really want to get working on some full backpieces. Full chest panels are always fun. Really, I just enjoy anything where the client has their idea and wants me to run with it. Tattoos are a middle ground between client concepts and artist interpretations.

Who’s the heaviest influence in your style? Do you have a shrine or anything for the person yet?
Haha not really! I've worked with a lot of people and I've sort of picked up bits and pieces over the years. For me, it's not really my work that gets influenced, but my ethics. Artists who have integrity and keep it real are the ones who make the biggest impact on me.

What do you love about tattooing?
Working. Creating something that's planned obsolescence. It's like slow motion mandalas. We create, time destroys. My legacy will be gone within 50 years of my death. No lasting impression, but a profound impact on the personal lives of my clients. That's what I love about tattooing.

What do you think sucks about it?
Industry bullshit. Rock stars and egos. The blurred line between softcore porn and tattooing. The lack of respect from the new jack tattooers who think their shit don't stink. There is a lack of integrity and a severe drought of humility.

I hear you are involved with Art Machine Productions, care to share a little more about that?
Art Machine is a conceptual think tank created by myself and my partner Suzi. I head up the tattooing, she runs the gallery and artist space. We have a bi level studio in an old converted warehouse. The top half is for tattooing, the bottom half has a gallery and an open floor plan used for lectures, events, and live in house art of all mediums.

What else do you do creatively?
Paint, draw, and cook. As long as I'm creating, I don't get into trouble.

What’s on your bookshelf –tattoo related and otherwise?
Very little tattoo related. Everybody has a book these days, but I never buy them. The only thing that's a staple in that category is Grime's Two Year Autopsy. That book is amazing. I ant to get some Japanese reference material too. Other than that, a few books on Buddhism and the occasional Chuck Palahniuk novel.

Do tattoo’s hurt?
Yes. I hate them. With passion.

I want a tattoo, how much for something "this" big?
Between $100 and $1000.

Peanut butter or Jelly,  Gin or Juice?
Peanut butter AND jelly, juice over gin.

What excites you--How do you get your kicks (not tattooing)?
COOKING! Stick me in front of a grill and you can't pull me away form it.

What’s a girl gotta do to get a tshirt around here (talk about merch links etc)??
Right now, if you go to timpangburn.com and click the "shop" link, it will direct you to a link of Art Machine's online store. Some original artwork form me, but also everything that is currently on display in the gallery. My new website launches in a couple months and will have an all new store with shirts, flash, prints, and all kinds of goodies.

How can we catch up with you not in philly? New Hampshire this July, Springfield IL in September, Biloxi MS in October.

Other ways to get a hold of Tim/check out his extensive portfolio are

on the ole' fbook:

Or by email

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