Alien Observations of mAryd ( mAry d'Aloisio)

something about her... she is a first-time caller, long-time listener... a fan of yours from waaaaayy back...IS Never Alone..jedi name in maval d'alkno (verified)... thinks the show must go on..could do without all the douche-bagery...thinks we could all smile, come clean, and relax..never forgets how it felt to be alone and hopes to never forget... HAS TWO ARMS TWO HANDS AND TWO THUMBS TO WRAP YOU UP IN HER LOVE.. wants to wake you up... has been blessed beyond all deserving with cosmic gifts, like Mo and Werd.. HAS BAD HAIR DAYS...was built like an ox to shoulder incredible amounts of "learning experiences".. IS BEAUTIFUL... takes up space just because she can.. THINKS ABOUT ALL THE LONELY RHINOCEROS..eats off your plate.. likes falling, helps her not take herself too seriously... WILL LEAVE SOME FOR an enigma wrapped in a mystery, smothered in secret sauce...THINKS PYT is the best dance song EVER...she smokes too much and drinks coffee... embraces danger like a long-lost lover wants you to be dangerous too... ALMOST ALWAYS HAS HER TOWEL...believes in reflected and absorbed light and the power of luna-light too... LOVES HER MOMMA AND AMERIKKKA TOO... has dreams she can't QUITE remember... is KLEEN (except coffee, nicotine and ibuprofen-lqtm) has better things to do than eat meat or take drugs.. IS SCARRED of everything, faces everything..abstains from licking frogs (frequently)... is plagued by twocats and a bad mutha fukah named Clarence, sometimes thinks she must be a cowboy or a surfer but has joy in whatever form the water takes.. THINKS ICE IS TRICKY..believes mother is the name for god on the mouths of babes... HAS LOST SOoooo MUCH BLOOD...can just oooze sexuality and class ...and picks her nose to share some with you.. INVENTED THAT A LONG TIME AGO< BEFORE YOU WERE BORN, WHEN LIFE WAS GREAT... laughs like a dork, reads like a geek, and sometimes cries like a little bitch... IS THE GREATEST MIRACLE... is on the pavement thinkin' 'bout the government... completely forgets what she was doing and looks to see a note written to herself on her hand... washes like the Roma... sometimes washes off your number.. skin holds talisman...HAS A BIG BROTHER WHO CAN (AND HAS) END ANY BRAWL... loves the way kids dance, wonders why kids need guns.. thinks hate damages the container... uses the force..thinks super tramp is super sexy.... can't count all the times she's been powerless... is HOPE SICK...stays committed... likes to blow things up and set stuff on fire-'specially you... has been an applestar in more ways than one... believes in solefish and BELIEVES IN YOU