Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stephanie Brown, Diva of the Dermal...

Stephanie Brown is a tattoo artist AND collector. She’s been tattooing for 12 plus years, is amazingly talented and has matured into a young woman picky about her ink.
Her love of tattooing began at an early age, going to a shop to watch her dad get a tattoo of hearts with banners and her and her sisters’ name. “I thought it was the coolest thing ever.”
“I mean who gets paid to color on people permanently?”
Stephanie says she started poking herself with needles and India ink when she was just 13, “garbage” she says. “Looking back, I cannot believe I would do anything like that to myself—I do not advise it.” Not so oddly enough, Steph’s first professional tattoo was to get that stuff covered up at her friends shop. “A fix up of a hand poked piece of garbage on my ankle”
*Kids, pay attention here, tattooing yourself at home is a BAD IDEA*
She’s since started a life long fascination with the indelible art of tattoo, and the wiser selections of tattoo choices.
She now has an amazing collection of sentimental and profound pieces that continue to stand the test of time.
Her favorite starts at her forehead, cheetah prints from Jeremy Kirk ( along her hairline. “It’s an amazing piece. People that aren’t really into tattoo even comment on how becoming they are—I love them.” If you’re wondering if they hurt—she says “It was the worst thing I’ve ever (pain wise) had to go through—ever—and I have had pins in my foot.. You know how the end of a tattoo, you just want it to be over? It was like that from the very beginning.” Yeah, Stephanie’s hardcore. “I was very nervous about it, because it’s my face. If something were to go wrong, what do you do? I mean you can’t cover that up! I was nervous, but I love it.”
Another piece by long time friend, Jeremy Kirk, is an eye catching piece stretches from knee to upper leg. It is a striking image of a Geisha brightly colored and framed with beautiful isobar cherry blossom tree “A geisha is meant to live a life of servitude, this one is not. She is supposed to know everything about everything, show no emotion—and serve. Mine is sitting—it’s her own time. There are geisha behind her dancing and undressing. It is her inner self, my inner self. It’s about realizing there’s more to life that servitude…more than society than bowing to environment. That you can live your life for your self—It was a pretty pivotal point in my life when I realized ‘shit, I can do anything in my life—I don’t care what THEY say.”
Stephanie also has a Dan Hazelton ( arm sleeve she’s proud of. “I’ve been such a fan of his for so long,” she says “I’d been following him for a while. It’s mother earth, father time, air, fire water, earth , and the tree of life, and even a Dan Hazelton signature skull in the tree (for spirit).” The sleeve is an amazingly flowing and organic piece that stretches the length of Stephanie’s right arm. There is so much to look at, from the wood grain in the mother to the subtle flow of her flame. Interestingly enough, upon inspection of the central Mother, there is a split: she has this to say about that “The split is about the third eye. She sees what’s goin’ on and some day she’s just gonna spit us all out…” Its striking presence just goes to show what a little research and a well-chosen artist can do--it is a testament to awesome judgment and good planning .
Stephanie’s body tells tales from her travels and life lessons learned and every piece is just as interesting to hear about as the next. She has her back nearly covered with brightly colored wings to little pieces she’s collected along the way. No article about Stephanie would be complete if we didn’t mention the several cats on her right arm. “I love cats, I love the feline personality. They’re snooty and self sufficient.”
Speaking of self sufficient, Stephanie takes a moment to help out any person looking for ink. When looking for an artist to tattoo your skin permanently, she says it is important to ask questions.
“First and foremost –don’t go to anyone who’s rude to you walking through the door. Do not go to someone who cannot answer any single question you have. Also, stay away from people without a portfolio, or has dirt around the edges on the floor. You have to have trust in this industry—otherwise go elsewhere.”
Stephanie looks for people with technical ability and personality, and won’t even consider entering a unkempt shop. “I want to visit people I like, and who have the artistic ability and the know-how to take my ideas and put them on my skin. It’s important to me.”
Stephanie has amazing tattoos and a colorfully creative personality. When not tattooing she says she spends time rotating crafts with her two daughters and leather smithing custom body amour and adornment with her boyfriend/partner and Master leathersmith, Cory. She has also been getting into the leather working craft and is studying under Cory at his business Dark Cloud Twizted Leather, and is currently designing her own twist of ladie’s wear. They can be seen at renascence fairs and tattoo conventions from Texas to Wisconsin. You can keep up-to-date with Stephanie at Rockstar’s myspace or facebook, or her personal pages and galleries at and facebook-- look for the beautiful one.

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  1. That's my mom, I'm one of the two daughters. My name is Arilyn, my sisters name is Kaylee, and our two year old brother Is Shawn