Friday, April 6, 2012

Annie Leibovitz-- At Work

I read Annie Leibovitz's Book At Work cover to cover on a flight to India last month. 
Like her images, the book remains.  
I think of it often when sticking my fears to the sticking place... I wonder not so much how wrong I am, or how wrong a situation is, the job is merely to watch and record. I remember to stay detached from the action unfolding around me.  I remember the best way to serve is to not jump in, but to dutifully witness. I remember to note my fears, check 'em for later, and face this shit anyway.
The things they don't teach you in school, honesty and open mindedness as a way to see and experience a situation.. These are things she shared with me, inadvertently preparing my for what I would experience in India.
I also learned to appreciate the 35mm lens on my Nikon.
A special thank you to Ms.Leibovitz for her honesty, insight, and thorough documentation of her journey.  
And no, you can't borrow my copy, get yourself one here.
Reading this reinforced my love of the craft. Even in the digital age.

I forget how many characters I love that revolve around the RollingStone family of the 70's. Hunter, Tom Wolfe, Annie. These were my super heroes when I was a kid, they still are.

Can you imagine? Nixon's resignation.
The camera, the pen, the voice recorder... tools to separate me from you.

I love that she's okay with pissing people off.

Big, brass balls.

"The concerns I had before I went...were erased simply by being there."

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