Sunday, June 12, 2011

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So moving wasn't that much fun and I feel it necessary to have a little room for personal expression, still keeping the inKfidel (, but I want to use this for more personal stuff.  So hellooo, How have you been?
How's the kids?
Sweet new tattoo, who did it??
Kevin Cole(my partner) Muny
Complaint Department

Oh me? I'm working a lot. I wo-Man the shop ( -- counter girl still... yup. Nothing new EXCEPT I'm working a lot for Skin&Ink Magazine (Monthly convention coverage and a fun "On the Road" feature.. I'm also contributing monthly to Tattoo Savage magazine, in the ROOTs department... plus  miscellaneous other free-lance-y things.... Meeting so many cool people, getting tattooed.. you know? So that's been really cool.  I don't know, no garden this year (my onions didn't even come up), kids just got out for summer break... Still getting around and reading a bunch, feeding the rat when I can, you know...

Well it was good catching up, drop me a line sometime, okay? I miss your musk.
Oh pics? yes, I promise to catchup on pictures. You show me mine, I'll show you yours!
Let's streak to the quad!

Exit, pursued by a bear.
-Shakespearean stage directions, The Winter's Tale, act 3, sc. 3, l. 57 {1623}
Love to see my guys at MDW
Now I write for the media corp that publishes Word Up <3

Chicago Tattoo, The Place to be in Chicago

Photography and Article by mAry d'Aloisio

Volunteering at Chicago Street Theater-From Frost Nixon

uh, Mary, the big one.


We look alike


B13, best Nashville hospitality ever!

From Cape Fear Trip

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